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This site is dedicated to sharing my experience and learning of the KJV Bible. After over 25 years of study with scholars and  linguists, namely the Shepherd's Chapel - Pastors Arnold and Dennis Murray, the Bible reveals its secrets in a very easy to understand manner. God's Word was never meant to be hidden from those who wish to learn. The confusion arises from centuries of re-writes and translations. By taking the verses back to their original languages, their meaning becomes clear and uncomplicated. This is a non-denominational rendition of the KJV Bible. The translations are as accurate as I can make them, with no considerations for traditions and customs of any denomination.

Christianity is reality - not a religion. Whether or not you accept it is up to you.

The KJV verses are in Black text. My comments, translations and other references are in RED . 

Genesis - Let us create man in our image. God created Jesus – Himself in the flesh. We created our flesh bodies – ourselves in the flesh. This Age is an age of testing. We are born innocent, in the flesh, to decide for ourselves whether we want to follow God’s Laws, or the ways of the world – Satan’s ways.  This is the meaning of life that atheists and philosophers struggle to understand. It’s all written for us in the Word of God, but most people don’t bother to read it


The Bible Text is the Standard King James Bible


Refence Materials for this site is:

1) Greens Interlinear Bible with Hebrew & Greek manuscripts - Jay Green

2) The Septuagint with Apocrypha - Lancelot Brenton

3) Exaustive Concordance of the Bible - James Strong

4) The Apocrypha - Edgar Goodspeed

5) The Bible - James Moffatt

6) Smith's Bible Dictionary - William Smith

7) The Bible, Aramaic Translation - George Llamas

8) The Companion Bible - 1990 Edition